Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday Thirteen - Places I've Written

Like babies who can sleep anywhere and through everything, my Muse is pretty flexible. Despite the special place I've created for her to reign, she pops up at will, despite what I'm doing at the moment. Here's my Thursday Thirteen list of places my books have been partially penned in (so far):

  1. In a hospital room (passing the hours with my son)
  2. In an airport (forced to write when I refused to pay for wireless access to surf)
  3. In my car (before work when I'm putting off going in)
  4. In a bank drive-thru (on the back of a receipt)
  5. At the park (as I fight off bees while the kids are playing)
  6. At the kitchen table (for some reason I couldn't revise in the same place I originally wrote. ???)
  7. On the front porch (watching the kids ride bikes)
  8. In the movie theater (in the dark, on the back of a ticket stub)
  9. At a conference (boring @#$ speaker. . .)
  10. In a meeting (pretending to jot dates on my PDA)
  11. At the doctor's office (Okay, so what's the logic behind overbooking again?)
  12. By candlelight (when the power went out)
  13. On a long stretch of highway (En route to Idlewild. The scenery was too beautiful to not be inspired.)
Not so many places in the great scheme of things. Guess I need to get out more...
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