Monday, February 11, 2008

Second Chances

Have you ever been in a good relationship…only to meet someone wonderful?

Not just fine. Or smart. Or with that million-dollar smile that makes your insides bubble like a shook up soda pop. No, someone who hexes you with an if-loving-you-is-wrong notion you just can’t shake. Did you dare to wonder “What if?” before you decided to do right?

Let’s flip the script and say you’re with that oh-so wonderful one, but life is all in the way. Maybe there’s bad breakup baggage or ex’s baby drama that keeps chipping away at what you hoped could be. Did you find yourself saying, “Maybe if we had met before…. Or after… Or just at another space and time” and walk away?

What about your job situation? Ever had a boss who ruined the perfect job for you? A person who’s so awful to work for that they made the gig impossible to keep? Or maybe your company fell on hard times and you were impossible to keep.

Life is filled with day-late, dollar-short, “If I coulda, woulda, shoulda” situations. But, even though we grow up and ingest the clich├ęs that get us through (roll with the punches, that’s the way of the world, can’t win ‘em all, et. al.), who doesn’t reach a point where they wish for a second chance?

I’m always asked the question, “What’s Where Souls Collide about?” And for me, beyond all the love, suspense and its supernatural twists, the story is about two people fighting the day-to-day forces of life and love with the hope of winning their second chance.

Ever been there?