Thursday, January 02, 2014

No resolutions, just perspective

I heard the promo for Ed Gordon's radio show the other day. The one where Stephanie Mills remarks, "How can you have all those people around you and you die?" (in reference to Whitney Houston).
Looking forward to a fantasy-filled 2014!
It got me thinking: You know, it's not about the size of your entourage, posse, clique, fan base or group of followers. It's about who makes up your sister-girl circle, fellas, friends, "fam," etc. Let's face it, some people care more about what you do than the you in what you do.
So my wish for all of us in 2014 is that we surround ourselves with truth - people who lift us toward light with love. Let's just work to be better each day and rise above our own expectations. When we fall, get over it and get up. Never stop believing that we are divinely equipped and inspired to achieve our dreams.
Here's to you and yours, me and mine in 2014: Happy New Year!