Saturday, May 03, 2008

A little cottage by the lake

Shortly after I moved to Detroit from Missouri "a few" years ago, I learned about Idlewild. It was infamous, I heard. Everybody who was anybody vacationed there once upon a time, and even now, those in the know had a place up there on the lake.

No wonder I've been wanting a little cottage of my own ever since. It's so easy to envision myself staring out over the lake dreaming up plot after plot in Idlewild's idyllic surroundings.

Without question, my wanderlust went full throttle as I finished Where Souls Collide, ratcheted up several notches when I sold the story and disappeared through the stratosphere once the book hit the shelves. Getting a cottage has now become one of my five-year goals. By then I figure I can actually make use of the property. For now my weekends are ruled by little league sports and dance classes for my Beyonce-to-be. My getaway window exists only for four weekends in August at present.

How fortuitous is it then that I’m out surfing Idlewild cottages-for-sale and stumble across the DuBois-Chesnutt Writing Institute that runs in tandem with the Idlewild Jazz Festival? I offered to help out with the writing workshops and after a quick conversation with jazz fest organizer Gad Holland, I end up coordinating the Aug. 2nd Institute. (In my copious spare time. LOL)

What can I say? It’s an exciting opportunity, shaping up to be a great event with keynoter Elizabeth Atkins (whose family has long owned a cottage at Idlewild) and other presenters, including, author Renee Alexis and poet Karen Williams. A jazz fest ticket ($35 before July 1, $40 afterward) admits participants to the writing workshops. I see incredible potential for the DuBois-Chesnutt Writing Institute, especially as Idlewild approaches its 2012 centennial.

Maybe I can bump up the timeline on that lakefront cottage after all.

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